Enfoque Colegio Mexicano de Análisis y Desarrollo Estratégico

There is a false notion that assumes analysis is synonymous with intelligence and that intelligence is an activity reserved for the public sector, in the areas of public and national security.

However, analysis is an independent, objective and systematic discipline with specific methods and techniques.

Analysis goes beyond the facts. It tells you how good or limited your data is; it provides elements that you had not identified before; it clarifies your needs to understand a situation; it expands your search range; and provides you with tools to communicate your ideas better.

The application of the analysis covers all areas of social life (economics, finance, social development, education, health, etc.); therefore, the various institutions and organizations -public or private- require professional analytical work and therefore, analysts.

In the public sector, the role of the analyst is useful in many fields: national and public security, justice administration and law enforcement, health, economy, finance, education, social development, environment, among others. The same applies in the private sector: business intelligence, financial analysis, marketing, sales, investment projects, among many other areas.

The goal will be to meet the needs of specialization required by both the public and private sectors, as the specific requirements are defined and the first groups of analysts from the Mexican College of Analysis and Strategic Development graduate. Our first supply of specialization will be focused on the areas of security and intelligence in the Upper Specialization on Criminal Intelligence Analysis Training.