Who we are

The Mexican College of Analysis and Strategic Development is an academic institution of excellence focused on the training of professionals in analysis as an autonomous discipline. It also focuses on the specialized treatment of information from different subjects currently required by public and private organizations, to include: justice, business, health, social development, security, economy, finance, among others.

It´s foundation responds to the need for a professional association to support the analyst community in Mexico. It seeks to facilitate the research, discussion and production of knowledge in the analysis discipline and its impact on strategic thinking and social change.

Why does the College arise?

Institutional Proposal

Create a forum for training, discussion and debate on new global trends that guide decision making to reduce the risks for organizations and individuals.

Integrate a large network that will be the basis to provide education and training, under international standards, to decision makers, advisors and information providers for businesses and public administration that are seeking to create a new paradigm in decision making.

Colegio Mexicano de Análisis y Desarrollo Estratégico


The Mexican College of Analysis and Strategic Development arises from the joint vision of academics, public officials and specialists in the areas of analysis and intelligence, with extensive experience in response to the diagnosis of strategic needs of various organizations, both public and private.

The assessment identified that the vast majority of these institutions, regardless of the specific topic of their activity, were not aware of the value of the information they generate and therefore they do not formulate strategic approaches, derived from the analysis, to have objective elements in decision making.

The study also highlighted that from the public institutions focused on security and intelligence issues, only at the national level they have processes and resources for training analysts groups, and yet they are specialized in criminal and intelligence research (civil and military), but don´t receive adequate education or training on technical analysis tools.

Considering these conclusions, we started the project to establish the conceptual basis and to create the Mexican College of Analysis and Strategic Development, to give analysis and the analyst the strategic place it deserves in the creation, development and projection of the various public or private institutions and organizations and thus, from a systemic approach, our country has experts on a new discipline, that will help reduce uncertainty and associated risks in decision making.